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Notes and Stuff

After a time of inactivity, we have finally updated the links pages; there are new additions we have yet to make, but we're slowly getting there...

These links are designed to start you on your journey across the Internet. They are not designed to be an end-all-be-all of Internet sites, rather they are to give you places to jump off from.

The "information superhighway" is filled with wonderous places; unfortunately, there are few road signs, way too many on- and off-ramps, and no real maps. Hopefully, you'll be able to use this small by-way to find places of interest in your road trip.

In researching these pages, I have discovered an amazing wealth of places on the Internet; places I didn't know existed. (It just goes to show; when you think you know something pretty well, there's always something new to learn!)

These pages were designed by Charlie Summers, for the clients of L.O.F. Communications. Even if you are not a client (and perhaps you should be...), you are certainly welcomed here!

If you find any sites not listed here that you think should be, have any comments on the page, or wish more information about the services provided by L.O.F. Communications, please write to Charlie Summers.

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