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Fri, May 05, 2000
11:03:28 PM EDT

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There doesn't seem to be any reason to join or stick with AOL; smaller local providers can give you more "hands-on" attention, while giving you better service, too. For a list of providers near you, check out Yahoo and their list of access providers (under Computing and Internet).

Now that AOL owns Compuserve (yes, we closed our long-held Compuserve account), it's becoming way too big to give you the quality of service you expect and deserve.

Another sensible option is Surfree - at $14.95/month, with toll-free tech support, you can't beat the price, the service, or the savings. AOL simply isn't worth the extra $7.00/month...unless you really like being bombarded with advertisements...

Oh, did I mention that AOL is going to add advertisements to your email?

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