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News Views

Current Events Links...

Links that will keep you up-to-date and in-the-know...

The New York Times on the Web The WWW version of one of the largest newspapers in the country. (Free registration to U.S. citizens only.)
Sorry, the crossword puzzles are now a value-added cost item
The TimesFax edition, published daily in Adobe Acrobat format, now requires payment of $130.00 per month! (Anyone rich enough to give me a gift subscription?)
The News and Observer The complete newspaper (ok, ok, so the comics are missing) from Virginia. A must-read in the evening to determine what happened in the world while you were working. (Requires free registration.)
Philadelphia Newspapers On-line edition of the major Philadelphia papers, and other information about the home of the Liberty Bell. And here, you can create your own daily comics page! (Currently free; the comics page and some other services now require paid subscription.)
The Christian Science Monitor On-line edition of the CSM; includes links to audio briefs, and today's CSM.
Dave Barry Columns Hey, look, not everything in the news is serious, right? Barry's columns are a sideways look at life; this page from the Miami Herrold contains the last six Barry columns.
National Public Radio Home Page for the best news-gathering and analysis team in the business. Links to the RealAudio site, where the complete Morning Edition and All Things Considered shows are maintained.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Follow the links to listen to many of the CBC's current events programs. (My favorite is Quirks and Quarks, a great science show.)
British Broadcasting Corporation The "Beeb" has been around for a very long time, and is probably one of the finest international broadcasters in the business. Now the BBC is available not only on shortwave, but on the WWW!
Internet News
Charlie Summers' News and Views Distilled daily headlines, with link pointers to full stories, from all around the Net. Not just breaking news, but the interesting (to me, anyway) and the odd. (Also contains information on changes on the various L.O.F. Communications web pages, the "Mail" pages, and more!)
TechWeb "The Technology News Site." Breaking news about technology and the Internet
C|NET's "Tech News First." Part of the C|NET group of web pages.
Wired News The web news service of Wired magazine.
InternetNews.Com Leaning more towards press releases and technical news, this site pulls many stories from Reuters.
Mailing Lists
The Daily Brief A service of Intelligent Network Concepts, Inc., this advertiser-supported list gives you a brief news summary first thing every weekday morning.
InfoBeat InfoBeat is a free, advertiser-supported service that delivers only the news and information that you want, when you want it. Best of all, InfoBeat does all of this through e-mail. (Warning: The registration form is somewhat invasive, asking for demographic information that is none of it's business. Remember, there is no crime in lying to machines when it comes to personal information they have no business asking. If enough people screw up their databases, they will stop asking for this invasive type of information.)

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