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Reference Books

Educational Links...

Sites on the Web where you can read books and learn neat stuff...these sites are not just for youngsters!

Libraries and Books
Project Gutenberg A library containing hundreds of full-text books, novels, poems, and more! This is a must-visit!
The Reading Room From the University of Maryland, many full-text books from Project Gutenberg and other academic resources.
Project Bartleby: The Public Library of the Internet Another online library. What makes Project Bartleby special is that each of the books in its library is written in the form of individual Web pages (with hyperlinks from chapter to chapter).
Joel Jaeggli's Classic Page According to Mr. Jaeggli, "This is my classics page where I store those great works of western literature which I was forced to read for various classes, and which nonetheless I enjoyed a great deal." Contains Homer and more.
The Bookshelf The Bookshelf is the official web site for the Bibliophile Mailing List. It contains articles discussing book collecting, preservation, identification, et., a calendar of book-related events, special offerings of unusual books by our members, and literally 100s of hotlinks to bookish sites on the web.
Research and Learning
Project Galileo The Galileo space probe, launched on October 18, 1989, sent its probe into Jupiter's atmosphere on December 7, 1995. The data will be transmitted to Earth from Galileo for years to come, and JPL makes the information available on the Internet!
The Museum of Radio and Television A unique institution with a responsibility to the public to collect and make available the finest collection of programs and promote a greater appreciation of its artistic value, social impact, and historic importance.
The United States Government
NASA The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Internet Connection Page; this will give you links to darn near every NASA link!
The Library of Congress The LOC pages include online exibits, notes on coming events, the Thomas Legislative Database, and more.
The Library of Congress American Memory American Memory consists of collections of primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history. These historical collections are the Library of Congress's key contribution to the national digital library. Most of these offerings are from the unparalleled special collections of the Library of Congress.
The White House Contains information, press releases, audio, general information, and photographs about the Executive Branch of the United States Government, as well as links to other governmental agencies. (And yes, you can find a photograph of Socks, the First Feline, here.)
The Internal Revenue Service Nope, this ain't no joke, kids - the IRS bills might be due April 15, but the Service maintains a Web site year-through to help you plan (and pay!) your taxes. (And I know everyone is going to want to "Meet the Commissioner!")
The Directorate of Time, U.S. Naval Observatory This is the official source of time used in the United States. By using various applications, you can set your computer clock within miliseconds of official U.S. time.
The Consumer Information Catalog This is published four times a year and distributed to millions of American consumers. Each issue has descriptive listings of more than 200 free or modestly-priced booklets from a variety of federal agencies. And you can do more than just browse the catalog online. The full text of almost most every booklet is available at the CIC web site - even the ones that have a price tag attached to the printed version.
The United States Postal Service See what's new and exciting at the Postal Service, look up ZIP+4 codes and get addressing tips, find information to help meet your business mailing needs, and check out the history of the U.S. Postal Service!

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