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Hobbies and Interest Links...

These places are my personal favorites, and reflect my interests and hobbies. You may or may not find something of interest here, but I do suggest you check them out!

Old-Time Radio
The Nostalgia Pages! Our contribution to Old Radio listeners on the Net. Includes the "Stars of Yesterday Say Hello" page, photos from various Friends of Old-Time Radio Conventions, Old Radio and Nostalgic Television Logs, and the "Show of the Moment" page, where you can listen to various Old Radio shows in RealAudio and MPEG-II Layer 3 formats!
Old-Time Radio Web Page Interest in Old-Time Radio is stronger than ever, and this page proves it! Contains links to many other sites of interest.
Cooking and Recipies
Reynolds Consumer Home Page Lots of recipies you can make using Reynolds products.
Pie Recipes Ah, skip the main course; bring on the deserts!
Yahoo's Recipes Page The folks at Yahoo have made life easy by collecting all the recipe pages in one convenient location!
This and That
The View-Master Ultimate Reel List Anyone who owns a View-Master (oh, c'mon now, I know you have one sitting around somewhere...) should check out this page!

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