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Caffine Computer

Programming Links...

Yeah, I know, this is what I usually call "geek stuff." But hey, it had to go somewhere...

(A UNIX-Like Operating System)
The Linux Documentation Home Page All the information stored in the Doc Project; HOWTOs, manuals, and more.
The Linux Gazette It's goal is to make Linux just a little more fun. An interesting resource for Linux SysAdmins. Links to the Linux Home-Boy Page.
Colin's FoxPro Page Cool FoxPro and related stuff, with plenty of other links....
STAZ Software Publishers of FutureBASIC II for the Macintosh; this is a required site for Mac FB programmers.
Safe Internet Programming From the Princeton University Department of Computer Science, a facinating page dealing with making Internet scripting extensions safe, so that people can use them without exposing themselves to much security risk.
Frontier Originally a replacement for AppleScript, and a darn neat scripting system, it's now a cross-platform web development system (Mr. Winer, like everyone else, sees dollar signs in the Web; it's unfortunate that he's lost sight of the original purpose of Frontier, though). Although the complaining of Mr. Winer really irritates me (generally he's complaining that Apple isn't helping him make money enough), this is an excellent scripting system for Mac programmers, and a rudimentary one for Windows programmers. This entire web site is managed by Frontier(with heartfelt thanks to Preston Holmes for his siteBuilder suite). Warning: Not for the beginner.
Wotsit's File Format Collection A collection of documents containing the internal file formats of hundreds of different file formats; form database to sound, odds are it's here! (Also has an European mirror at for those not in the US.)

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