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Television Links...

Ah, television, the cultural nexis of our society.
So spend some time in front of your computer watching it!

American Broadcasting Network ABC...easy as 123... The network doesn't really maintain much of a presence on the Net (their home is America OnLine), but this site links to some of the series home pages and gives general information on series and specials. (They do mention the "ABC CyberCity" coming soon, so maybe they will get with the program...)
CBS Well, it used to be the Columbia Broadcasting System...
National Broadcasting Company The Peacock Place
Fox TV Home of The X-Files. Very graphics-intensive (tough on a dial-up in the middle of the day), but kinda nifty in its own way.
TheSci-Fi Channel This place has a strange definition of what Science Fiction is, but it's pretty cool anyway.
Nick At Nite's
TV Land
The Good...the Weird...and the Wonderful. "Take me to TV Land!"
American Movie Classics American Movie Classics is the premier cable TV network dedicated to the best of classic Hollywood.
Star Trek: Continuum Ok, ok, so I admit it; I am a first-generation Trekkie; I was watching the show in the 60's. (And please don't tell me the term "Trekker" is more dignified...) Since Paramount is closing as many other Star Trek-related web sites as it can, to make sure it makes all the money possible from a series it inherited from Desilu in the first place, this is one of the few sites available for the Star Trek fan.
The X-Files Includes previews of upcomming shows, an episode log, photos, and more!
Ally McBeal Ok, so I'm not a real fan of overused and annoying ShockWave - but there's a non-Shocked version of this site, and the show's so darn good I'll forgive the bother. (I find it harder to forgive Fox for not including some QuickTime files of the show, though.)
This Old House This set of pages is designed to sell Time/Warner's This Old House Magazine, but it's got lots of links to home-improvement tips and tricks.
Duckman So what the h*ll are you staring at? Er...I mean, stop by the official Duckman Website, where you can wander around the great detective's office and maybe even stumble onto some Quicktime flicks from the show. (You should have Netscape for this site; extensive use of frames.)
TV1 Advertiser-supported pages loaded with information on what's on television; a must for planning what shows you want to watch or tape. Who needs TV Guide? (The new TV1 uses a lot of graphics, so beware. It is more difficult to use than the old What's On Tonight, but does allow for more configuration options.)
Entertainers on the Net
Rodney Dangerfield Says Rodney, "With computers I never had any luck. I bought an Apple. It had a worm in it." This site is his own personal site, with virtual autographs, answering machine messages, photos, audio, name it.
The Ultimate TV List This place maintains links to pages with darn near every program that has any type of web presence, be it sanctioned or fan-driven. Excellent search capabilities, lots of information, and well organized. Warning: You can spend an awful lot of time here...
The Tardis Archive An impressive list of episode guides and more from series from all over the world, based in the U.K. (I couldn't find anything on "The Omega Factor, but then I'm not surprised...)
The Internet Movie Database Wow - for movie lovers, this is the resource! Search on cast, crew, film names, year, heck, you name it!

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