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MS Windows

Windows Links...

Links to some Windows-oriented Sites...

Help and Configuration
Microsoft Windows95 Home Page If you use Win95, you're going to need this page; includes links to the Win95 Knowledge Base.
Windows95 Annoyances Nifty page, with many helpful workarounds and suggestions for known problems. According to the page, "We now offer our award winning resources for all users of Windows, no matter which "flavor" they're running!" Contains software, advice, information, and maybe a little irreverance...
MyDesktop MyDesktop Network is a network of sites offering context-specific information, including WindowsCentral, Webpedia, oZoneGames, and BetaPlanet.
Free World Dialup Homepage Running on a Windows platform, FWD merges the Internet, Internet telephone software (such as IPhone) and conventional telephone service to allow Internet connected PCs users to dial and speak with standard phone customers anywhere in the world without long distance charges.
Miscellaneous Links
x86 Monthly Digest I can't decide if Robert Collins, the author of these pages, is concerned more with technical information on the Intel chips, or just ticking Intel off. Either way, it's an interesting read.

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