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Sat, Feb 26, 2000
02:02:55 PM EST

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L.O.F. Communications
All Rights Reserved

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Re: RE: Viagra Special [ABU1999071500001032]
Sent: 8/11/99; 4:47:05 PM
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for reporting the unsolicited email you received. The USA.NET
addresses referenced have been cancelled for terms of service violations.

USA.NET, as a web-based email system, is inconvenient for bulk emailers to
originate their advertisements and we are completely locked down for relay
and SMTP. Reviewing the headers of unsolicited mail received will verify
that it probably did not route or originate via our system. Some spammers
establish email accounts for harvest/drop box purposes that are canceled
immediately and permanently upon detection. Our Abuse Department proactively
searches for these accounts from complaints received and system monitoring
we maintain on a constant basis.

Because 98% of spam email referencing a USA.NET address does not travel from
or through our system, canceling accounts does not mean that the spam will
stop.  However, it does stop the bulk emailer from collecting requests for
more information and remove requests.  This is important because 'remove'
requests only provide the sender with valid email addresses that are then
sold to other bulk emailers.

Please forward a single copy as text with full headers of any UCE/UBE
received referencing a USA.NET address to for corrective

Abuse Department

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 1999 6:57 PM
Subject: FWD: Viagra Special [ABU1999071500001032479881]


   Received this unsolicited spew from the servers this
evening...probably a relay, but since your server isn't validating the IP of
the originator, it's impossible to tell (this should be fixed immediately).

   Indeed, you should close all open relays on this machine and on others
under your control.

   This message uses the address as a drop box.

   Anything you can do to keep this crap out of our domain, and any action
you might take against this spammer according to your TOS, would be greatly
appreciated - thanks!

   P.S. _Please_ don't include this message in any reply you might be kind
enough to make; I have installed body-filtering routines to attempt to stop
future messages of this type. Thanks!

--- begin forwarded text

<annoying spam email with complete headers snipped>

--- end forwarded text

Please note the date of the original complaint was July 10th; the date of the response that the account had been closed is August 11th...exactly one day and one month! Could they possibly be any slower?

These are the personal ramblings of Charlie Summers; L.O.F. Communications is not responsible for anything stupid I might say. It will, however, take credit for any flashes of genius I might have.