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Sat, Feb 26, 2000
02:02:53 PM EST

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Re: spam complaint
Sent: 8/25/99; 2:40:37 PM
From: (Abuse)
Thank you for your recent report of Unsolicited Commercial Email commonly
referred to as UCE, or Spam.  Ibill does not advertise for its Clients, but
we do currently have a "No Spam" policy in place.

The policy is as follows:

					1.	The complaint is archived.
				2.	The account number is added to a
"Hot List".
				3.	The URL is noticed and warned that
if additional  complaints are sent from the same sender/recipient, citing
Spam, the   URL account may be suspended until such time as ibill receives
assurances that no more Spamming will occur.

Thank You,
Compliance & Fraud Department
Internet Billing Company, LTD

Ok, let's see if I understand this. If they spam one hundred people, and each person complains, all one hundred complaints are kept on-file. But nothing is done until one of those same people complains about a second spam run, and then all that's done is the company politely asks the spammer scum if they are going to spam again.

This should work real well, since spammers would never lie about anything, right?

What kind of moronic "anti-spam" policy is this, anyway? Looks to me like IBC makes most of its money from spammers, and I'm thinking legitimate merchants should avoid this company like the plague until such time as they formulate a reasonable anti-spam policy.

These are the personal ramblings of Charlie Summers; L.O.F. Communications is not responsible for anything stupid I might say. It will, however, take credit for any flashes of genius I might have.