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The Gotham Radio Players Present:

The Adventures of Stark Rock, Manly Detective At Large
"The Case of the Thanksgiving Slasher"
Broadcast Live November 29, 1998

The Gotham Radio Players were formed in 1991 by a group of enthusiasts for the heyday of radio drama. The mission of our amateur acting troupe is to bring new productions of classic radio programs of the 30's, 40's, and 50's to the airwaves of the new millennium, as well as showcase original scripts written by the emerging audio dramatists of today. Now under the leadership of Max Schmid as producer and Steven Lewis as director, the Gotham Radio Players are featured regularly in live performances on WBAI-FM, at the annual "Friends of Old-Time Radio" Convention, and at other personal appearances in the New York City metropolitan area. Email:

"Look, it's a policeman without any clothes on!"

It's Thanksgiving night in New York City, and the trash collectors were going to have a hard time with all the dead bodies the next day. Bernard Melman (who writes about undertakers) has been receiving threatening letters from the infamous Thanksgiving Slasher (who doesn't). With the help of his faithful secretary Lois (who was once outwrestled by lab rats), our hero Stark Rock is on the case. Along the way we meet Jimmy, who runs a print shop that isn't compatible with Microsoft ("Bill Gates is a computer expert, you don't think he uses Microsoft, do you?"), Al the barman ("Say, did you try that tip I gave you for refinishing your bathroom tiles?"), and Captain Dan Rowood, of the Holiday Division ("The Christmas Cannibal, the Yom Kippur Decapitator... of course he works on holidays!") Will Stark Rock catch the killer before he strikes again? Who is the tall, gaunt man dressed all in black? And will Bucky the Wonderhorse navigate his way through the vast desert?


Written by Ben Wachs

Broadcast live by the Gotham Radio Players on November 29, 1998. WBAI-FM, New York City.

Directed by Steven M. Lewis, Produced by Max Schmid

Cast: Leslie Feagan, James Jockle, Melissa Kalt, Ted Ferber, Ron Weitz, Paul Becton, Fran Taeromina, Bob Kimmel.

Sound Effects: Anne Marie Hendrickson

Music composed and performed by Mike Mandel

Sound engineering by David Nolan

This production is copyright © 1998 by the Gotham Radio Players. The script is copyright © 1997 by Ben Wachs.

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