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Mon, Oct 23, 2000
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A Diary
The 25th Annual Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention
October 19-22, 2000

Posted Mon, Oct 23, 200100 at 03:28:37

Man, it's been a long day. Bet'cha wondering why I didn't post something earlier, ain't'cha?

So we got up this morning bright and early (for breakfast and the final panel discussion), and found the rapid-checkout bill under the door. A quick perusal told me I was in some trouble - seems it was slightly over what it should have been...almost $500.00 over!

Needless to say, it kick-started my heart the way no coffee possibly could have! Please understand, the hotel staff was courteous and fixed the overcharges professionally, but since part of the overcharges were local Internet access numbers being billed as long-distance, I decided it would be prudent not to add any additional charges to the now-corrected hotel bill.

But it was a day that ended on one heckuva note...the panel, consisting of Sam Edwards, Rhonda Williams, Art Gilmore, Toni Gillman, George Ansbro, Peg Lynch, and Bill Murtough, moderated by Anthony Tollin, was not only interesting, but hysterical. Peg Lynch told a story about the first (and hopefully only) time she was in charge of a small local radio station, and the merry mix-ups that occurred when double-entendres went out over the air, station employees making out on wicker furniture, open mikes, and...well, you get the general idea. I laughed so hard my sides still hurt! (And after the shock of the hotel bill this morning, I really needed the giggles!)

The 25th Annual Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention is now history itself...those of us fortunate enough to be there take with us fond memories of gracious stars and guests spending their time to share with us their memories of a time gone by.

Posted Sun, Oct 22, 200100 at 00:42:16

A great evening of entertainment and enjoyment!

Peg Lynch and Bob Hastings were again Ethel and Albert...Bob is one of my favorite people here, and Peg's scripts sound like she's been listening to my conversations with my wife. They are funny because they are so real that everyone who hears them can identify with them.

Arthur Anderson again directed an episode of Let's Pretend,this time starring Rosemary Rice as Cinderella. I realize it's silly for an old guy who did not grow up listening to Let's Pretend to say, but I love being a "Little Pretender" for a short while, so look forward to these particular recreations. To add icening to the cake, Ruth Last and Elaine Hyman were side-splitting as the evil step-sisters...the scene where Dick Beals as the Price's page attempts to fit the slipper onto the stepsisters was so funny it was almost painful!

Gary Yoggy, who this year received the Ray Stanich Award for his prolific writings, directed an episode of Father Knows Best, with Arthur Anderson in the title role. In this episode, though, Sam Edwards stole the show as Bud, forced to help his father build a barbecue.

Although there is a panel tomorrow, so this won't be my last diary entry for the twenty-fifth annual Friends of Old-Time Radio convention, tonight was unquestionably the height of this year's con!

Posted Sat, Oct 21, 200100 at 20:02:04

This has been an exhausting day - many old friends arrived today, including two of my favorite people, Ruth Last and George to chat a bit with them and many subscribers to the OTR Digest who continue to stop me. (So far, no one has threatened to lynch me, anyway... ;)

Took lots of photographs of rehearsals and performances that I hope to get posted to the pages real soon, and the few panels I had time to look in on were interesting (and fun, too!).

We're at dinner now, looking forward to some great recreations later this evening!

Posted Sat, Oct 21, 200100 at 10:39:19

[Man, am I embarrassed...I typed this up for sending to the server last evening, then decided to watch the Jay Leno monologue asleep. Gees, I must be getting old! --cfs3]

Another amazing night at the convention - after having a delightful dinner with Rosemary Rice and Bob Hastings, and not winning any door prizes this evening (hey, I won last night, so I can't much complain!), the program started with Bob and Rosemary delighting the crowd with "The Glad Gladwyns," then joining with an all-star cast for a "Richard Diamond" episode.

Rosa Rio, a legend in silent film and radio performances, played they keyboard with a gusto and precision not seen in most players half her age - it was an awe-inspiring performance. Then Will Hutchins and Dick Beals, with another all-star cast, performed the Christmas episode of "The Six Shooter," which originally starred Jimmy Stewart.

A stop at the bar to thank some of the stars for their amazing performances, and we're back in the room, looking forward to tomorrow and more great fun!

Posted Fri, Oct 20, 200100 at 19:25:25

What a day...

Spent the morning going to a mall, hitting a Radio Shack, Sears, and Staples to get the equipment I needed to build a cable to connect the camera to the old laptop. Son-of-a-gun, I not only built the thing, but it works! (It don't look so very good, mind you, but it works...)

I also got to chat with old friends, and new ones, too - many people who are subscribers to the OTR Digest have said hello, and I hope to meet even more tomorrow. Taking pictures during the performances and rehearsals filled the rest of my day.

Gotta run...I took a break during dinner to make this diary entry. But I want to get back as quickly as possible - I'm seated next to the lovely Rosemary Rice, and frankly am the envy of most of the other men there.

Posted Thur, Oct 19, 200100 at 23:22:48

The first full day of the convention is over, and...I screwed up. I forgot the serial cable that connects my digital camera to the computer That means when the two SmartMedia cards I have fill up, I can't take any more pics!

Although no one sells the Mac cable for this two-year-old-plus camera (trust me, I did a thorough search of the web this afternoon), I did find plans to make tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'm off to Radio Shack and Staples for parts. (*sigh*)

Other than that little snafu, it was a great day at the con. Got to talk to lots of old friends that I usually have to type to, and enjoyed the evening's festivities (which included the winning script in last year's contest, a performance by legend Johnny Western, and a fan-performed Molle Mystery Theater) a bunch. And I won a nifty door prize - 10 tapes from Gary and LaDonna Kramer's Great American Radio which Annie will be picking out tomorrow.

Posted Thur, Oct 19, 2000 at 00:21:21

Gad, I love this convention. Last year, there was no Wednesday night social, primarily due to the higher hotel rates. This year, however, a die-hard group of us gathered together around the cheese trays, wine bottles, and beer baskets to enjoy a little pre-convention fellowship. Annie and I talked to Jay Hickerson among others, and Jay played the keyboard to the enjoyment of all who arrived for the con early.

Gad, I can't wait for the con to start tomorrow - I'm looking forward to talking with old friends like George Ansbro and Bob Hastings, and new friends I haven't met yet.