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Thu, Jun 27, 2002
10:10:02 AM EDT

Contents and Source
Material Copyright © 2002,
L.O.F. Communications
All Rights Reserved

Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention Pics
These photographs were taken at the 21th Annual Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention in Newark, NJ between October 17-19, 1996.
Friday Around the Convention
The Dealer's Room is in full swing.
My wife, Ann, getting an autograph on a "Lucky Charms" box from her favorite Leprechon, Arthur Anderson.

(No, I am not kidding... he really signed a cereal box for her.)

Posed photo of Ann with one of the Innovators of TV Land.

(I told you he signed her cereal box!)

Lunchtime at the Holiday Inn.(Anyone who's been at any of the conventions should recognize the hotel staff...)
Ed and Nana Clute; Ed is the keyboardist for many of the recreations.

(And he plays for the stars to sing during rehersals, too!)

Ralph Bell watches a rehearsal.
The Convention's Neighbor. (No, really!)
At Rehersals...
The cast of the Lone Ranger recreation gather for rehearsal
"Hey, you! Did you clear that photo through my agent?"

(Just kidding, Bob...)

Bob Dryden chats with a fan
Rosemary Rice, Louise Erickson, and George Ansbro take direction
Gary Yoggy directs the Canterville Ghost rehearsal
Here and There...
One of the favorite places during the evening reception...
Folks waiting in line (at the bar, of course...)
(Hiya, Paul!)