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Sun, Feb 20, 2000
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I Love a Mystery
Ed Carr 'New' Episode Fragments


Side A

1) Monster in the Mansion partial episode (1941)
Half-episode; second half. Starts before middle Fleischmann commercial;
Cousin Ritchie worries that someone is trying to kill him. Cousin Louise is
told to stay in her room. Uncle David's door is open; he's worried about his
left arm being eaten alive. Reggie's found unconcious in the hall. Jack
needs to find Ritchie, but they find Willy on the balcony; Louise needs to
tell the boys Ritchie is hanging out the window by his scarf. Final
Fleischmann commercial, episode closing w/Red Cross PSA. Next episode next
week at this time; in preparation, Secret Passage to Death. Royal Orange
Tapioca Pudding commercial, NBC Blue ident, chimes.

2) Monster in the Mansion partial episode (1941)
Half-episode; first half. Opening; first Fleischmann commercial. (Aunt Mary,
Cousin Jim, Buck Thorton all dead; Capt. Friday talking to Jack, Doc, St.
Ustess and Willy.) Friday not convinced the cat had anything to do with
Mary's death; he's leaving a man on the stairway, and taking Sidney to jail.
Grandpa sends sweets with Friday for Sid. Jack thinks Jim and Buck were
murdered; he finds out that MoMo is a skilled surgeon, and everyone in the
house knows it. Jerry Booker tells Jack Willy is in a state of collapse;
crying her heart out. Louise (and the snake) bring the black onyx ring from
the right arm of David; the ring came from the tail of the cat sitting on
Mary's chest. She tells Jack about the secret room on the third floor.
Brother Stony shows up and tells Jack Jerry is at the foot of the stairs
unconcious. Middle Fleischmann commercial begins, ends abruptly. (This
episode before Tape #1 Side A Episode 1?)

Side B

1) Secret Passage to Death partial episode (1941)
Half-episode; first half. Opening; episode noted as being "The Face of
Death" (?). First Fleischmann commercial. (Three months since Monster in
Mansion; one month since Reggie out of hospital. A week ago, gentleman shows
up at A-1 with proposition; they are now riding horses while being
followed.) Boys trying to escape horsemen following them; decending sheer
rock cliff. After crossing ravine, they enter a barn and press a button; the
room sinks into the ground. It's a station on an underground railroad. They
meet Mrs. Tom Blair, who takes them through a tunnel into a room, where
they're locked in. Tom Blair enters, and asks about the men that were
following them. He tells the boys that they had three men hidden, to take
the posse off their trail. Mrs. Blair tells them an unconcious Chinese girl
was brought in. Middle Fleischmann commercial complete; ends immediately

2) The Tropics Don't Call It Murder partial episode (1940 - 11/25/40?)
Half-episode; second half. Bells; Jack and Luke Peters standing in an alley
behind The Blue Circle. They enter the back door, and meet Doc, Reggie,
Buffingham, and John Stern; Stern has lost his memory. Capt. Gonzolez is
also in the Bar; Doc tells Jack Gonzolez helped them escape the dungeon.
Jack tells Gonzolez Peters is the head of the Charles H. Fortune Rubber
Expedition, and the boys' boss. Peters suggests turning in Stern,
Buffingham, and Gonzolez; Doc and Reggie don't like it, but Jack describes
how these men framed the boys. Peters suggests Buffingham and Gonzolez turn
against the revolutionaries...Gonzolez agrees, but is shot before he can
talk. Jack wants to head to the graveyard, but Buffingham panics.


Side A

1) The Tropics Don't Call it Murder partial episode (1940 - 12/09/40?)
Half-episode; first half; immediately follows Tape #1 Side B Episode 2?
Opening (no commercial); bells. (In the graveyard; Jack, Doc, Reggie, Luke
Peters, Buffingham, and Stern. In second half of previous episode, Stern
wandered from the crypt, and was hit over the head with a shovel by an
ancient grave digger, and was almost burined alive. Buffingham is tied up.)
Jack decides to leave Buffingham tied up until the boys can break into the
American Consoul's home to retrieve the evidence Buffingham says is there.
Stern wakes up, and has his memory back. Doc catches him up about the last
week, Buffingham complains, and Peters tells Stern that Gonzolez, Sec. of
War, Foreign Sec., Minister of Agriculture, President of the Council of the
City of San Margaritta, Major Ortez second in command of the Military
Police, and Commander Diez, chief of the Santa Margritta harbor patrol are
the leaders of the revolutionaries. The boys head off to break into
Lippincott's home; Buffingham warns them he has a gun, and shoots first.
Breaks before middle commercial.

2) The Tropics Don't Call it Murder partial episode (1940 - 12/16/40?)
Half-episode; first half; immediately follows Tape #2 Side A Episode 1?
Opening Fleischmann commercial. (The boys are in the Lippencott home;
Lippincott knocked out Reggie, and is holding Jack and Doc tied up at
gunpoint waiting for the military police while Peters and Stern guard
Buffingham.) Doc babbles; Reggie wakes up. Genevieve comes back after
getting dressed; Reggie asks for water, and she sends her father out of the
room to get some. She tells the boys she cancelled the military police call,
and is going to help them. Jack tells Genevieve about the letter in
Lippincott's safe (and does plot exposition at the same time). Jack has her
empty the gun, and set them free. Before she can, Ortez shows up to take the
boys away to the Bastille...and then the firing squad. Middle Fleischmann
commercial, abrupt end in middle.