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Advertising on the L.O.F. Communications Website

Banner Ads

A banner ad is placed at the top of all of our three most popular Channels; The Nostalgia Pages, The News Pages, and The Links Pages. Each banner will appear on a rotating basis whenever a page is loaded. Remember, these are all "prime real estate" - one banner per page, each banner at the top of a page. Some other sites may inflate their impression rates by having several banners on a page; we don't.

Your ad may be targeted for one, two, or all three Channels; the choice is yours at the time of order.

We will supply you with weekly statistics, including impressions served, click-through percentage, and pre-paid impressioins remaining.

Banner Ad Specifications

Banner Ad Rates

Our ad rates are extremely low, and simple; $5.00 per 1,000 impressions, minimum 5,000 impressions. No gimicks, no high-pressure sales reps, no nonsense...we don't like high-pressure tactics, and we won't inflict them on you.

For additional information, or to place your advertisement on the L.O.F. Communications most popular areas, contact adsales@lofcom.com today!

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