Boycott Internet spam!


AGIS is considered by many to be
a "Rogue" Internet Provider.

Your Internet connectivity is in jeopardy!

Spam. Unsolicited junk in your electronic mailbox, or numerous repetitive posts in Usenet newsgroups. Everybody hates it, and many Internet providers and online services have gone through great lengths -even filing lawsuits - in attempt to rid themselves of spammers.

Innocent parties have been damaged - sometimes severely - by unscrupulous spammers who use all kinds of underhanded and exploitative tactics to get their messages out and circumvent the blocks that many sites have put in place.

We see that you are reaching us from . This address belongs to the network address space of Apex Global Information Services (AGIS), which is beginning to be widely regarded as a "rogue" Internet provider.

Spammers who have been kicked off of dozens of other ISPs are finding a safe haven at AGIS. AGIS allows spamming to originate from its facilities, and harbors spammers who use AGIS-provided facilities as a maildrop for responses. They absolutely refuse to do anything whatsoever about the problem.

The most notorious junk emailer, Cyber Promotions, is harbored by AGIS. Cyber Promotions is in turn actively promoting its own Internet service just for spammers called, with the hook being that they won't cut you off for spamming, unlike most any other ISP. All of this is courtesy of AGIS.

A great many sites are attempting to block spammers. However, the professional spammers constantly change the addresses and domain names they come from in a deliberate effort to thwart blocking attempts. If AGIS persists in providing a safe haven to spammers, we may have no other choice but to simply block all of their addresses. This means you will be completely cut off from any and all access to this site as well as other sites which have already blocked AGIS or are currently considering it. This cut off includes access by web, ftp, email, telnet, and virtually any other Internet service.

If you are a direct customer of AGIS, you should let them know that you do not appreciate their policies with regard to spamming, and that AGIS should join the ranks of the responsible providers by not allowing their facilities to be used in any spamming efforts. If you are a customer of an ISP which gets access from AGIS, please contact your ISP's customer service department. If AGIS fails to act, you may find yourself needing to change providers in order to access a growing number of sites, including this one.

You may wish to express your opinions on this matter directly to the following people at AGIS:

Additional information on the spam problem in general can be found at:

Additional information on Cyber Promotions can be found at:

Thank you for your time.