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Why We Hate UCE ("spam")

Anyone with an electronic email address over a few weeks old has faced the ever-growing amount of Unsolicited Commercial Email streaming, then flooding, into their mailbox. Most of us don't even need to ask why we hate it. But since some spammers, and some legitimate companies who are taken in by those spammers, don't seem to understand what's wrong with it, let's run through a few quick observations.

Now, I have to tell you that I personally like Solicited Commercial Email; I have subscribed to quite a number of mailing lists which advertise products and services I'm interested in. Heck, we are strong proponents of responsible Internet marketing, and we operate an opt-in list for folks to subscribe to to keep up with the products and services available from L.O.F. Communications (requiring confirmation to keep mail-bombers from using our server illegally). But we simply refuse to send unsolicited bulk email. And we refuse to permit our clients to send unsolicited bulk email (client contracts specifically include our Terms of Service. And we do everything we can to shield our clients from unsolicited bulk email.

And let me tell you, we have some mean anti-spam filters; they not only search the header information for rogue domains, but also check the body of messages looking for rogue companies, "drop box" addresses, and key phrases. Our clients appreciate our anti-spam stance, or they wouldn't be clients in the first place. (Almost all of our clients have email addresses on their local providers, but use our addresses specifically to filter out the garbage.)

If you are a legitimate business being wooed by the spammers, remember that your reputation is on the line. If you're a spammer, save your time and don't bother mailing into our domain; we'll do everything we can to get you bounced from your provider.

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