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Here are a few photos from our family album. We're going to try to keep this page reasonably up-to-date, so those relatives and friends with Internet access can keep in touch!

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June 26, 1998
Katherine visits the Radiation Therapy Department of the Hershey Med Center
You see, they spent a lot of time making sure they missed her, so they have something of a vested interest.

"My goodness... where's the rest of her?"

Ok, "vested interest" might be a little mild. They rather consider her part of the family.

Uh-huh...but where are they at 3:00 am?

It's funny...I realize I'm late getting these up, but in the few weeks since they were taken, she's grown visibly. (*sigh*)
Hey! Somebody screwed up...Annie got her daughter back!
June 20, 1998
Katie contentedly sleeping in Mike Bortner's arms.

Of course, in that City-issue shirt, he might blind her...

It's bath time. And someone is not happy about it.
Annie's using one of the basins from her hospital stay as a bath tub.
Katie's cousin Erika holds her, with Aunt Missy close at hand.

Gee, in Erika's arms, she almost looks real-sized.

Uncle Craig gets his turn, in the rocker he refinished for Annie.
Erika playing in the park near our house.
Cousin Chrissy holds Katie, while Aunt Cindy wonders how anything that small can eat so much...
Cousin Bobby...the other red-head in the family.
My sister Cindy can't believe she's really that small...
Cindy and her husband Bob think about how nice it would be to have another one of their own.

Yeah, I know Cindy's going to see this, why?

And check out the shirt on Bob...I mean c'mon, the Orioles? Geez...root for a team that stands a chance...

Somebody's hungry...

Now there's a new thing...

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