The Summers Photo Album

Here are a few photos from our family album. We're going to try to keep this page reasonably up-to-date, so those relatives and friends with Internet access can keep in touch!

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Last Update: Thu, Nov 5, 1998
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October, 1998
Katie is talking up a storm!

I wonder what she's saying...

She just coos and giggles...

If you want to watch the Peanut grow up before your eyes, start at the bottom of this page and work your way up...

Boy...somebody doesn't look so happy being held by Grandma Summers in her little winter suit!
One of these days I'll get a pic of her one believes that she really can!
Apparently a siesta...
Katie holds her very own "Mr. Bean" Teddy Bear; a gift from the folks at Triple-C, who carry many cool British products.

Wonder if they carry any Teletubbies?

September, 1998
Just in case you thought we forgot about our "first born," this picture clearly shows he's still the Prince of the household.
It's bath time. And someone is not happy about it.
Annie's using one of the basins from her hospital stay as a bath tub.
Grandma and Grandpa Garrety dote on the Little Princess.
Grandma Summers feeds Her Highness.
"Please, Ma'am, may I have some more?"
Notice that at this point, her eyes still didn't always track together.
"Now I lay me...down to sleep..."
Ok, ok, so maybe babies are cute...
The "older brother" still trying to avoid the Peanut...
This is one happy little kiddle.
Mom and Katie are laughing at silly Dad again...
"Hey, Mom - Come get me before he drops me!"
August, 1998
Katie contentedly sleeping, while her friends keep watch.
A friend from the midwest, Russ Gifford, holding the little thing.
Hum... maybe had I posted this picture earlier, he would have done better in the recent election...
July, 1998
At a picnic with the neighbors; Annie holds the little squirt.
Katie rests durning the picnic. Hey, she got tired...
Katie and Annie share a joke; probably at Dad's expense...

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