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May 19, 2002

What a difference four years make! Ok, so I haven't had the time to get the pics above reworked to include a recent one, but at least I DID get new photos on the Summers Family Photo Album page, so all is not lost. (Just misplaced.)

May 20, 2001

What a difference three years make! Gad, seems like only yesterday she made her screaming appearance, and now she's three years old! New photos on the Summers Family Photo Album page.

May 20, 2000

What a difference two years make! We attended the Hershey Medical Center NICU Reunion this afternoon, which was held coincidentally on her second birthday (I sure hope she doesn't expect that large a birthday party every year!), and there are photos on the Summers Family Photo Album page.
May 12, 2000

Gee, don't be surprised or anything, but I actually got recent pics on the Summers Family Photo Album page. (Good thing I heard from Katie's first physician, or I might not have gotten around to it until her graduation. ;)

Quick note - the extentions of these pages is going to change as soon as I get the time to rework them in PHP; I'll try to get redirectors up for each of the pages, but if you get any error messages, just load the main personal page at and you'll be fine.

May 20, 1999

What a difference a year makes!

November 5, 1998

Don't faint...I've actually updated the Summers Family Photo Album page with pictures from the last three months.

Hey...we've been a little busy...

July 7, 1998

I got the pics from Katie's trip to Radiation Therapy at Hershey Med on the Summers Family Photo Album page. Gee, I'm only two weeks behind!

July 2, 1998

Finally! Got some new pics on the Summers Family Photo Album page! I hope to get more, and actually catch up, sometime tomorrow.

June 25, 1998

I have a bunch of pics I need to post to the Summers Family Photo Album page (including those from a trip to the Radiation Oncology department of Hershey Med), but there are just never enough hours in a day. Hopefully, this weekend...

June 9, 1998

Got some new photos on the Summers Family Photo Album. If everything goes well, the little squirt will be coming home on Thursday; she'll still weigh under 4 pounds, but the way she's snarfing down her food, that won't last long.

May 30, 1998

Finally got some new photos on the Summers Family Photo Album. Katie's one tough cookie; she's now taking "mother's moo" from a (really small) bottle, she's off the IV completely, and just generally turning into a "real one."

May 25, 1998

Got some new photos on the Summers Family Photo Album. Katie's doing just fine; actually swung around and started to gain some weight.

May 21, 1998

Katie was pulled into this cold, cruel world at 8:41 AM 20 May. And trust me, she's been making her displesure about the whole affair well-known in the Hershey Med Center NICU...

Additional pics are on the Summers Family Photo Album.

May 18, 1998

Since I can't remember to whom I've told what...

The timetable for the Peanut's arrival has been accelerated somewhat; as things stand now, we will be parents on Wednesday (the 20th), at 32 weeks gestational age. Obviously, the moment I can get myself to a terminal, I'll update this page letting you know it's name. ;) We picked up a low-end digital camera, so there should be photos of the little critter as soon as I can get them offloaded; by Thursday, at the latest.

April 10, 1998

First, much thanks for the mail and cards we've received since Annie's diagnosis of Malignant Fibrous Histocytoma...they are appreciated!

We got a little good news about Peanut this morning; not only are the radiation treatments for Annie's tumor delivering close to zero reflected radiation to the Peanut, but it appears it will be able to remain snuggled and warm in there until 33-35 weeks. There had been some concern that the little one would have to be removed around 30 weeks.

December 26, 1997

For those who may not know; my wife, Ann Summers has her first project in alpha, currently in internal development. Release to Market is scheduled for sometime in June.

We're going to be parents.

I wondered if I should be tacky like many other expectant fathers and post an ultrasound photo of "The Peanut." Although I like to think of myself as an intelligent, articulate human being who is above such things, I find myself getting particularly stupid and goofy when I think about this particular part of our lives. (This will explain the silly smile I tend to have on my face most of the time.)

So although there is currently no photograph of the ultrasound, don't be terribly surprised if I end up posting a QuickTime movie of the session.

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